Larisa Marian, Director of Annandale High School Orchestras

Welcome to the Annandale High School Orchestra Program!

The Orchestras of Annandale have been serving the communities of Annandale for over 50 years with their passion and love of music!

The orchestras, under the leadership of Mrs. Larisa Marian, are provided with a unique education and experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Here, members have the chance to serve their communities through music, receive a high-quality education in music, and create an experience full of positivity and hope. 

Here, classes are available to all levels of expertise: entry-level, intermediate, and advanced. The students of the orchestra program learn about music theory, classical music history, and performance underneath a well-rounded and rigorous program. Everyone involved with the Annandale High School Orchestras take great pride in the impact they have on their community.